My Organic Skincare Routine

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I’ve figured out how to successfully make all of the skincare products I use. Today I’m sharing my organic skincare routine.

My organic skincare routine DIY products

My organic skincare routine

It all started when I began to heal myself with a nutrient dense diet. Part of my healing journey involved lifestyle changes. I learned about the huge (and growing!) toxic burden in our modern world.

One of the areas that contributes to our bodies’ toxic load is the products that we use on our skin. Did you know that no one is regulating the safety of many popular, commercial skincare ingredients? I was shocked when I found out that many of these ingredients lead to health problems.

My goad was to heal my body, and reduce my toxic load as much as possible. I definitely didn’t want to add to the toxins further! I also really enjoy making things. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved creating. So naturally, I found it really enjoyable to learn how to make the different skincare and personal care products that I needed.

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My organic skincare routine with DIY products I use and love! #diy #skincare #organic

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Let’s create!

As I made my way through each product, there was a lot of trial and error, and tons of recipe testing. But I think that is so much fun! Eventually I came up with an organic skincare routine that I really, really love. I want to share it with you here today.

I do want to add a little bit of a disclaimer, so to speak: This is a pretty unconventional skincare routine. You probably won’t find many like it if you’re used to researching skincare. But I think that’s a good thing!

It’s also a bit of a minimalist skincare routine, which I personally love. A lot of the products are multipurpose.

One thing I don’t DIY is makeup, and you can check out my 100% Pure makeup review here

Let’s jump in and take a look at what I use.

Face cleansing

I have a few different things that I use for washing my face, and I’ll switch between them.

In the evening on most nights, I like to cleanse with a honey face wash. I’ve used straight honey, or a mixture of ingredients. Some of the things I like to add to the honey are powdered rose hips for brightening, and various essential oils for skin clearing and anti aging benefits. You can check out my honey face wash recipe here.

About twice a week, I like to do the oil cleansing method with some grass fed tallow balm. If you’ve never heard of the oil cleansing method, here is a complete how to guide. Basically, oil cleansing uses some type of skin friendly oil to clean skin. It uses warmth to open and then cleanse pores. I love it because it works so well. It is especially great for problem skin. The combination of cleansing with a beneficial oil and heat really help bring blemishes to the surface so they can heal more quickly. It also works wonderfully to moisturize and protect skin.

Most oil cleansing articles talk about using a plant based oil. But I like to grab one of my all time favorite skincare products, grass fed tallow balm, and use that! It is seriously amazing. Oil cleansing with tallow balm leaves your skin perfectly moisturized and so soft. Learn how to make tallow balm here.

In the morning, I just use water to wash my face, and I find that works well.


I recently came up with another fabulous combination that I really love: Whipped tallow sugar or salt scrubs. These combine the skin healing and moisturizing properties of grass fed tallow with gentle exfoliating action. The sugar scrub is perfect for face and general body exfoliation. I like the salt scrub for areas that need more intense exfoliation, like feet. Check out my whipped tallow sugar scrub recipe here, and my whipped tallow salt scrub recipe here.

Whenever I do the oil cleansing method on my face using the whipped tallow sugar scrub, I’m so happy with how my face feels afterwards! And it’s really convenient because it combines several skincare steps into one. It’s perfect for a busy mom of little ones!

My organic skincare routine all natural



For my face, I tend to go with the seasons and what the weather is like when deciding to moisturize or not. Since I do the oil cleansing method on a regular basis, and use only gentle cleansers like honey, I don’t tend to feel like I need a moisturizer on my face in the summer. In the winter I will use some of my grass fed tallow balm on my face as I feel the need (just a little – a small amount goes a long way!).

Grass fed tallow balm is seriously so amazing for facial moisturizing. I don’t need a bunch of separate, individual serums and antioxidants in my organic skincare routine. 100% grass fed tallow is rich is so many beneficial ingredients for skin, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, anti inflammatory properties, and more. It literally includes all of the anti aging and anti cancer nutrients that your skin needs in one product. Read more about why skin loves grass fed tallow here.

Anytime I need moisturizer anywhere else, I will either use tallow balm for deeper moisturizing, healing, and protecting, or I’ll use some of my jojoba oil lotion for lighter hydrating. Learn how to make lotion here.


I like to do a face mask once in a while. I try to do this on a somewhat regular basis, like twice a week or at least once a week. My two favorite DIY face masks are a rose clay mask and a french green clay mask. The french green clay mask is perfect for deep cleansing and dealing with problem skin. The rose clay mask is great for anyone, but it’s especially good for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. I switch between the two of them depending on what my skin needs are. Learn how to make the french green clay mask here, and the rose clay mask here.

Eye makeup remover

Coconut oil is one of those must have crunchy grocery items that somehow ends up in other areas of our homes as well. Am I right? Another use for this very versatile oil is as an eye makeup remover! I was really impressed when I first tried it, and it has become what I use every time I need to remove eye makeup now. In my experience, it works better than commercial eye makeup removing products. And it costs a fraction of the price. Win!

Skin brushing

This is something that I like to incorporate into my organic skincare routine on a regular basis. Skin brushing is great for bringing blood flow to the skin, improving the look and feel of skin, and it’s supposed to be detoxifying.


I have a lip balm that I love to use whenever I need moisturizing for my lips. My favorite recipe is my grass fed tallow and raw honey lip balm. Check out that recipe here. I have also recently come up with a tinted version, and that recipe will be coming to my blog soon.

Body cleansing

For all over body cleansing, I really like my 100% grass fed tallow soap. It combines just the right amount of cleansing with moisturizing. It’s really fun how you can customize the scent with different essential oils, too. Check out my tallow soap recipe here.

What I don’t use

You might have noticed that I don’t mention sunscreen anywhere in this list. There is a reason for that, and let me explain. I prefer to nourish my body with nutrient dense foods that are rich in antioxidants, and I avoid toxic, inflammatory foods (like canola, corn, cottonseed, soy, etc.) which react with the sun in the skin, causing cancer and other harm. So basically, I focus mostly on protecting my skin in this way from the inside out. Of course, like I mentioned earlier, the 100% grass fed tallow balm contains an abundance of nutrients like antioxidants and other anti cancer properties that protect skin, so that definitely helps as well.

But on a daily basis, I don’t wear a sunscreen. I want to absorb the vitamin D from the sun, not block it! Of course, I follow smart sunbathing habits. I make sure to gradually build up my tan each spring and summer, and not expose my skin to drastic amounts of sun when it isn’t ready. If I am going to be out in the sun for a long time, I do put on some of my mineral sunscreen, which works great for those times. (My sunscreen recipe will also be coming to my blog very soon.) But for the most part, I like to use antioxidants, clothing, and be smart about sun exposure, rather than slathering on a sunscreen every single day.

For my favorite non toxic cleaning products, check out this post here

My organic skincare routine grass fed tallow

My organic skincare routine video

DIY organic skincare recipes

Honey face wash

Tallow balm

Whipped tallow sugar scrub

Whipped tallow salt scrub


French green clay mask

Rose clay mask

Lip balm

Tallow soap

What do you like to use for your skincare routine?

Do you make any of the products you use? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring me to create the most healthy life possible for myself. I am constantly doing so with food and now trying to expand outwards. Your recipes are an amazing tool!

  2. Hi Marisa,
    What do you suggest to replace the tallow with if I don’t want to use animal products. Thanks for your time!

  3. Stumbled onto your site on Pinterest while searching for total skincare regimen for young maturing skin (I’m 54) that is dry, yet gets too oily with some products. I live in an area of heat and high humidity too. Hoping to give your recipes a try. Thank you for your tried and true recipes!

  4. I am hoping you can clarify something for me.
    I am curious if you use an oil for the oil cleansing or if you use the Tallow Balm for oil cleansing?
    Do you ever wash your face with honey and then moisturize with tallow balm?
    THANK YOU : )

    • I use tallow balm for oil cleansing 🙂 Yes, I have washed with honey and then moisturized with tallow balm – works great!


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