Nutrient Dense Smoothies

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We love smoothies around here! They’re so fast and easy. Nutrient dense smoothies are perfect for getting in superfood ingredients, too!

Nutrient dense smoothies

Smoothies make the perfect breakfast. Have them on their own, or alongside some bacon and sourdough toast. Need a quick snack? Smoothies fit the bill. They can even make a fast and easy lunch!

My favorite thing about smoothies is how flexible they are. You literally include whatever you want, and they always turn out delicious.

Smoothies also have a hidden superpower. They are the perfect vehicle for helping you to consume certain superfoods that would otherwise be more difficult to eat on their own.

Start with the base

Our favorite main ingredients for smoothies are raw milk yogurt and kefir. I show how to make 24 hour raw milk yogurt without heating here, and how to make raw milk kefir here. Yogurt and kefir in a smoothie is a delicious way to enjoy these rich, probiotic foods. Yay for good gut health!

My husband follows the ketogenic diet. He likes a keto smoothie every morning before work (along with plenty of eggs, sausage, and cheese). To keep the carb count low, he uses coconut milk as his smoothie base.

Use your imagination

From here, the possibilities are really endless. Some things that we often include are frozen fruit of different kinds. Frozen berries, peaches, or pineapple are delicious.

Fresh bananas will make a thinner, creamy smoothie, while frozen bananas will make a thicker, ice cream consistency. My kids love it when I make them “ice cream” this way!

Some other yummy things to add are cocao powder and peanut butter, either separately or together.

Nutrient dense smoothies with superfood ingredients

Now we’re getting to the exciting part! Like I mentioned before, smoothies are the perfect way to sneak some really wild, nutrient dense superfoods into your diet. These foods can be hard to enjoy on their own. Here are some ideas for some really beneficial, nourishing superfoods that you can toss into nutrient dense smoothies:

  • Raw egg yolks
  • Raw liver pieces
  • Collagen
  • Coconut oil
  • MCT oil
  • Fresh pressed juices
  • Raw cultured cream

Hide those guys into a smoothie along with some banana and frozen fruit, and you won’t even know you’re eating them! And your body will thank you for consuming them, believe me.

Nutrient dense smoothies keto

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Our favorite nutrient dense smoothie add ins

We like to include coconut oil and grass fed beef collagen peptides into just about every smoothie we make. We have been using organic virgin coconut oil, and grass fed beef collagen peptides from Vital Proteins.

Egg yolks are more seasonal. I try to be very careful about what egg yolks I consume raw, especially while I’m pregnant. Pasture fed, organically raised eggs are best. Right now we’re waiting for our new flock of laying hens to start laying. When they do, we’ll start adding raw egg yolks into our smoothies again. See how we keep backyard chickens for fresh, nutrient dense eggs here

My husband likes to add MCT oil, as well as grass fed beef collagen powder and sometimes monk fruit into his nutrient dense smoothies.

New nutrient discoveries

We recently tried some new smoothie add ins from HVMN. They sent us some Keto Collagen+ and some MCT Oil Powder to try. I was really impressed that they contain only very clean, natural ingredients, and nothing artificial. If you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll know I’m really picky when it comes to ingredients! And these passed the test. The Keto Collagen+ is made with grass fed beef collagen from cattle raised in Brazil. I was happy to see that the sweetener is monk fruit, which is my personal choice when it comes to a carb free sweetener.

Both of these products were delicious, and we are all really enjoying them, including the kids. They have been asking me to make smoothies with the Keto Collagen+ and the MCT Oil Powder, because they like them so much! My husband was especially happy to lean that they are both keto friendly and made with such clean, natural ingredients, so he can enjoy them, too.

My husband said that the MCT Oil Powder was really tasty in his smoothie. The other, liquid MCT oil he had previously been using tended to get thick when combined with cold ingredients, which made it harder to drink. He really liked how the MCT Oil Powder let the smoothie stay creamy, smooth, and drinkable, even right out of the fridge. Yay!

Nutrient dense smoothies recipes


What are your favorite nutrient dense smoothies?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve added to a smoothie? Tell me about it in the comments!

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