Where to Buy Tallow

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Whenever someone starts learning how amazing grass fed beef tallow is, one of the first questions that comes up is: where to buy tallow.

Where to buy tallow

Where to buy tallow

I’m a bit obsessed with grass fed tallow. It’s such incredible stuff, and so versatile. Tallow can be used for cooking, soap making, candle making, moisturizing and healing skin, lubricating machinery, conditioning leather, and more. And, it has phenomenal health benefits when eaten or used on skin.

In times past, tallow was something that everyone was familiar with. Everyone knew how to make it, and it was frequently used in every day life.

Today, things are different. Many of us are disconnected with the handcrafted lifestyle of our ancestors. For that reason, it can be intimidating at first to find beef fat and render it yourself. (However, as I will talk about in a bit, it’s not really that hard). So, most people find themselves wondering where to buy tallow. Let’s talk about the best places to buy already rendered tallow.

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Where to buy already rendered tallow

First let’s cover grocery stores. Small, independent health food stores and specialty grocery stores are great places to look. They are more likely to carry tallow than big chain supermarkets.

However, I wouldn’t overlook bigger health food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. And, if you don’t see tallow for sale in your favorite store, try asking them to start carrying it. Most likely they’ll be glad to do so.

If a grocery store does carry tallow, it will be already rendered and ready for use. Tallow can be found in containers in the refrigerated or frozen section, or on the shelf at room temperature in sealed jars. You’ll want to look for or ask for information on how the cattle were raised.

Another place where you can buy tallow already rendered is online. Depending on where you look, you’ll have to be careful to make sure the tallow is food grade, and not refined. You’ll also want to look for information on how the cattle were raised. Remember, 100% grass fed and grass finished has the highest beneficial nutrient content. As far as tallow sold online, I recommend this one here.

Where to buy tallow for soap making

The best way to buy rendered tallow

The most ideal way to buy rendered tallow is to source it from a local farmer. You would want to look for a farmer that raises 100% grass fed cattle, processes them, and rendered the tallow themselves. That way you can meet the farmer, see the farm, and see first hand how the cattle were raised.

Besides, supporting local agriculture is always ideal! However, rendered tallow like this can be hard to find, so let’s talk further about more options.

Where to buy tallow online

Rendering tallow yourself

It’s really not that hard to render beef fat into tallow once you know how to do it. I cover the entire process here. But, if you’re going to render tallow, you’ll need to to know where to buy some good beef fat.

You’ll want to look for beef fat from 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. This can sometimes be found in the meat section of specialty grocery stores and health food stores. If you don’t see it, ask at the meat counter, and they should be able to supply you with beef fat trimmings.

The most ideal way is to source beef fat from a local farmer that you know and trust. This is usually more easily done than finding a farmer that renders the tallow. Craigslist is a fabulous place to find local grass fed beef farmers.

Another way to locate high quality farms is through the resources page of your local Weston A. Price chapter’s website. This can be found by searching for a chapter near you from the main Weston A. Price Foundation website.

For lots of ideas on how to use your tallow, check out this post here on beef tallow uses

Where to buy tallow video

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What do you plan to make with tallow once you have some?

Will cook with it? Make soap? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi! I can’t seem to get the link to work for the tallow that you recommended for online purchase. I would love to know which one you like!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there! I’ve bought the FatWorks organic Tallow for making some skincare products but I’m not totally happy with the color and odor (not terrible but certainly not odorless). I’m wondering if I can take this tallow and do the last step of your wet render crockpot method, or if you think it won’t do much at this point. Thanks!!

  3. I plan on making anti aging cream and a deep moisturizing body butter.
    What’s the difference between Beef Tallow, Bison Tallow and Lamb Tallow?

    • I’m happy to help! The nutrients between beef, bison, and lamb tallow (when they are all grass fed) are very similar. They should all give the same benefits. The smell might vary between the different fats. I hope that helps!

  4. I’m planning to make pemmican with tallow.
    Pemmican is dried meat mixed with tallow, 1:1 ratio, a nutrient and calorie dense survival food used by aboriginals. The meat from a 4000 pound Buffalo would be 40kg in pemmican, and last two years in a pouch (no fridge).


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