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My mission is to bring you timeless, traditional wisdom to impact your wellbeing today with nourishing recipes, natural remedies, and DIY skincare and home products.

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There’s an awakening happening

Have you noticed it?

More and more of us are taking back our our lifestyles.

We’re concerned about the huge increase of chronic illness in our lifetime. We want to give our children the healthiest start possible. We realize that the choices we make now impact the wellbeing of future generations.

We want to be intentional and conscious about the quality and source of the things we use and the food we eat. We enjoy making things ourselves and raising and preparing our own food. We seek to use traditional wisdom and skills from our ancestors to impact our own and our family’s wellbeing. 

What Bumblebee Apothecary is All About

Bumblebee Apothecary is a place to find simple, doable recipes for delicious, nourishing, traditional food, and traditional remedies backed by modern health research. It’s a collection of the very best DIY organic skincare and home products tutorials. It’s place for natural moms (and anyone who cares about future generations) to find support and resources. It’s a place to celebrate the beauty of a simple, responsible, sustainable lifestyle.

What is the safest skincare?

How it all began

I didn’t always enjoy vibrant, good health like I do now. In my late teens and early twenties I suffered from several stubborn health issues. I searched and searched for answers. Conventional doctors didn’t have answers for me.

After trying so many different things that didn’t really help, I was getting very discouraged. Eventually I discovered exactly what I needed: a protocol that focuses on deep, permeant healing, using traditional foods and supplements that truly nourish the body.

My personal experience with the GAP diet began in 2001, and my life was changed. I was able to regain my health and I’ve never looked back.

My healing journey also included learning about the immense toxic load that our modern world suffers from. In my efforts to heal and detox, I not only made sure I was eating the highest quality, organically raised foods and supplements, but also took a good look at my lifestyle in general. I combined this knowledge with my love for DIY, and so many incredible experiences and recipes were created. I’d love to take you along and share them all with you!

Join me in bringing back traditional wisdom from our ancestors to impact our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of future generations. 

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