How to Render Tallow: Easy Crockpot Method

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It’s easy to render grass fed tallow using the crock pot method! There are a few tips to know that make sure the process is easy and the tallow turns out well.

How to Render Tallow Bumblebee Apothecary

Knowing how to render tallow is an essential skill for homesteading and nutrient dense cooking.

Let’s get started! To begin, source some high quality beef fat. 100% grass fed is the most ideal, because the nutrient content is the highest. A local Weston A. Price chapter is a great resource in locating farms that raise grass fed beef.

Once you have some fat, you’ll grind or cut it up to make the rendering process easy and fast. If the butcher can grind the fat for you, that’s the easiest. If the fat comes to you in chunks, you’ll have to either cut it up as small as you can, or grind it in a food processor.

The rendering process

Next, toss all of the fat into a crock pot and set the crock

pot to low.  Just leave it for a few hours, and check on it every now and then.

As the fat begins to render, it will pop and crackle. Once the noise dies down, and all you see in the crockpot is lots of liquid tallow and some crispy bits, the tallow is done. If you still hear a bit of noise, keep it rendering. You do want to stop the rendering process as soon as the noise stops, though. If you keep the heat on too long, the tallow can start to burn, and we don’t want that.

Once the tallow is finished and the crock pot is turned off, let it sit for an hour or so to cool. You want the tallow to still be warm enough to stay liquid, but not so hot that it will crack a glass mason jar.

Once the tallow has cooled a bit, strain it through a mesh strainer and some cotton muslin or cheesecloth. I like to store my tallow in glass mason jars. I prefer glass over plastic so that I don’t have to worry about chemicals from plastic leaching into the tallow.

Rendered grass fed beef tallow

Rendering Grass Fed Tallow Video

Watch me go through the rendering process, step by step:

Tips to make the rendering process go faster and easier

  • Ask the butcher to grind the fat for you. Then all you have to do is dump it into the crock pot!
  • If you do have to cut or grind the fat, do it when the fat is nice and cold. This makes the cutting much easier and grinding works better.
  • Keep an eye on the tallow as it renders. Turn off the heat as soon as it stops crackling.
  • Strain the tallow while it is still warm enough to flow easily, but not so hot that it might crack a glass jar.

Things you can do with tallow

Grass fed beef tallow is amazing stuff… It’s one of my favorite things ever, because it is so versatile and so full of vital nutrients. It’s a homesteading essential! Use it to make soap, shampoo bars, balm, salves, and ointments. Fry potatoes in it, or create the best homemade French fries ever. Use it anywhere you’d use a fat in cooking, to sauté or brown. Make the most gorgeous pie crusts ever, using a combo of tallow and butter. Melt it and use it in baking. Any way you use it, you can’t beat the high smoke point and amazing array of nutrients in grass fed tallow.

handmade grass fed tallow soap

How long does tallow keep?

Properly rendered tallow will keep for several months at room temperature. For cooking, I like to refrigerate mine. For longer term storage, I freeze my rendered tallow.

Give it a try!

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to render grass fed tallow in a crockpot, and all the ways you can use it. Have you ever rendered any fats? What did you use it for? Let me know in the comments!

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