Magnesium for Anxiety: Natural Anxiety Relief

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Sometimes, life gets stressful. When that happens, there’s magnesium for anxiety relief.

Magnesium for anxiety relief

Magnesium for anxiety

Magnesium is one of my favorite things. I love how easy it is to use. It’s also safe, completely natural, and affordable.

There are so many things that magnesium helps with. I’ve talked before on my blog about the benefits of magnesium lotion. Also, I’ve covered how magnesium helps with sleep, as well as how to make an organic magnesium lotion.

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Natural anxiety relief

Anxiety is something that a lot of people struggle with. That can be due to a stressful event, or our fast paced lives. Sometimes, we can’t even identify the cause.

Sometimes people turn to medications and drugs to help relieve anxiety. This might give some relief, but often medications and drugs have dangerous or uncomfortable side effects. They’re often expensive and can only be obtained with a prescription.

For me personally, I always like to get to the root cause of a problem. I like to think, “what is out of balance in the body? Why is anxiety happening in the first place?” If the imbalance can be remedied, then longterm, lasting relief can happen. That’s where magnesium for anxiety comes in.

How does magnesium work?

Before we get into the specifics of how magnesium helps to relieve anxiety, lets go over how magnesium works in general. Magnesium is:

  • A vital nutrient that our body needs for many different functions
  • Play an important role in different biochemical reactions in the body
  • Is involved in cell transport activity
  • Helps cells make energy
  • Is important for our bones, muscles, nerves, and heart
  • Balances our blood sugar
  • Stabilizes our cortisol

These probably sound somewhat like random facts about magnesium in the body. Stay tuned, though, we’ll get to magnesium for anxiety specifically in a second. You’ll see how all these different roles play a part in helping the brain and body be calm and free from anxiety.

How do we become magnesium deficient?

Our modern diet doesn’t contain optimal levels of magnesium. Partly this is because of modern farming practices that deplete the soil and don’t return minerals to it. Processed and refined foods don’t contain enough magnesium. Cities also remove magnesium from water during treatment.

Magnesium for anxiety

How does magnesium help relive anxiety?

You might remember that I mentioned above that magnesium stabilizes cortisol. Now we’re getting closer to how magnesium works to relieve stress and keep us calm. Here are more ways. Magnesium:

  • Improves GABA levels (GABA is a neurotransmitter)
  • Can reduce brain inflammation
  • Boosts mood
  • Helps to create strong neurological pathways
  • Ensures good body/brain communication
  • Helps to control the hub of the body’s stress response system
  • Is important for healthy pituitary and adrenal gland function

When we’re stressed, our body gets quickly depleted of magnesium. As there’s less magnesium in our system, the body’s natural balance is thrown off. The cell activity and healthy cortisol levels aren’t working properly. This can make the feelings of fear and panic worse.

As soon as we begin supplementing with magnesium, these body systems are able to work properly again. The anxiety and stress can be quickly relived.

Success stories

As I was researching magnesium for anxiety, I came across some pretty amazing stories. People who had previously suffered from depression and even addictions. Once they started supplementing with magnesium, the depression and addictions went away. Their mood and sleep were drastically improved. Pretty amazing!

Magnesium can be really helpful in relieving and prevent headaches. For migraines, I have a really effective natural remedy that I accidentally stumbled upon. Read all about it here.

I encourage you to do some research of your own, and see what you find.

How to make magnesium lotion for sleep, stress, hormones

How to supplement with magnesium

Like I mentioned above, I love magnesium. I think it’s so wonderful that there is something safe, natural, and very effective to relive anxiety. It reduces or even eliminates the need to turn to drugs and medications with side effects and other risks.

We can naturally restore those body systems and get fast relief for anxiety and other conditions.

If you are someone with any health conditions, or take prescription medications, I recommend checking with your doctor before starting magnesium supplements. Chances are, magnesium can safely be taken, but it’s good to be certain that it won’t interfere with anything else.

Most people without serious health problems can do a little bit of research and start supplanting on their own. Magnesium is such a gentle, fundamental mineral that it’s pretty much always safe. The only risk for most of us is taking too much internally. That will give some digestive upset. More on this next.

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Transdermal magnesium therapy

My favorite way to supplement with magnesium is to apply it on the skin, also known as transdermal magnesium therapy. This way, you skip the digestive system. Overdose is impossible, as the body uses exactly what it needs. You can either use a magnesium spray, or a magnesium lotion on the skin. I personally use magnesium on my skin every single night before going to sleep.

I show how to make magnesium oil from flakes here

When correcting a deficiency, I’ve found it to be a good idea to supplement both on the skin and internally. For an internal supplement, Natural Calm gives fast relief from anxiety and stress. I take these magnesium glycinate capsules for daily maintenance.

Magnesium for anxiety video

How about you?

Do you supplement with magnesium? How has it helped you? Share your experience in the comments!

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