Natural Migraine Prevention

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Migraines are the WORST. It can be really hard to find relief. Today I’m sharing what I take for natural migraine prevention. Warning: It’s different. But it really works. 

Natural migraine prevention that works

Natural migraine prevention

Nausea, fatigue, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and worst head pain you’ve ever experienced. When a migraine hits, you know you’re in for some serious misery. 

I put up with migraines for years, until I found a natural solution that really prevents migraines and keeps them away for good.

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This is the one thing I do every day to prevent migraines. It's perfectly natural, and it REALLY WORKS. If you're looking for natural migraine relief, read this. #migraine #migraines #natural #prevention #relief

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Migraine cure

If you know me, you know I love doing health research. I definitely want to look into this and learn why it works so well, to find out the scientific backing and information. As soon as I have the chance, I will, and you can be sure I’ll write a thoroughly researched blog post on what I learn.

But for now, I just want to share with you what I accidentally stumbled upon. If there are others suffering like I was, I want to get this out there.

I want you to know about a truly effective natural migraine prevention that really works, so that if you’re like me, you can get the relief you need, for good. Always talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement. 

Migraine definition

Let’s talk for a second about what I’m calling a migraine. I’m not talking about various types of headaches that can happen for a variety of reasons. I’m talking about a full blown migraine. 

If you’ve had one, you’ll know what I mean. Here are some common migraine symptoms, all of which I’ve endured:

  • Blurred vision
  • Vision with “pieces missing”
  • Feelings of being down and unable to think clearly
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chills
  • The absolute worst head pain you can image – pressure that feels like your head is going to explode

In my experience, migraines can come in different strengths. Some are worse than others. But no matter how strong they are, they are just plain miserable. 

Migraine causes

One of the trickiest things about migraines, at least for me, is that they don’t seem to have just one cause that you can easily identify and avoid. It seems that a variety of circumstances come together and… bam. You have a migraine. 

There are a few things I know that I need to avoid to try to protect my health in general. In my years of experiencing migraines, I’ve come to realize that these could be migraine triggers for me. 

Here’s what I try to avoid:

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Eating processed foods
  • Anything that could harm gut health
  • Anything that might affect healthy hormone balance

One of these happening on their own once in a while isn’t fatal. But when I’m not vigilant and a combination of them happen, it can be the perfect recipe for the migraine. 

But here’s the amazing news: The natural migraine prevention that I discovered even works to protect against migraines when these triggers happen! 

It’s life changing, I tell you. 

Natural migraine relief options

There are quite a lot of natural migraine relief options out there, and I have tried nearly all of them. I’ve tried homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and flower essences. 

I’ve made sure I was getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and exercising. Magnesium, B vitamins, and red raspberry leaf tea are some things I tried taking super consistently to see if that would help. I also worked exercise and relaxation time into my daily routine. 

All of these things seemed to help somewhat, but none of them were perfect. I could stick to my migraine prevention routine perfectly, and every now and then I’d still get a migraine. 

I followed the GAPS diet for two years, which really did improve my health drastically, and healed my other chronic health problems that I’d been suffering from. It healed all the other types of headaches I used to get. But it didn’t completely get rid of the migraines. I didn’t get them very often, but every once in a while one would still rear its ugly head. 

Natural migraine prevention magnesium

What is the best natural remedy for migraine headaches? 

After my second child was born, I stumbled upon the thing that keeps my migraines away for good. It was the totally unexpected and the perfect natural migraine prevention. 

At some point during all three of my pregnancies, I’ve had to supplement with iron. I learned that the best way to boost iron levels is to consume beef liver. I also learned that if the liver is raw, the iron is even more available and readily assimilated by the body

In my second pregnancy, as soon as the first trimester queasiness was mostly gone, I took raw liver each day to boost my iron levels. It worked beautifully. 

After my son was born, I kept up with the raw liver every day for quite a while. I knew that it was a good idea to keep having it to boost my iron levels while recovering from pregnancy. 

Then at some point (I think it was quite a few months), I decided to not worry about the raw liver anymore. I figured my iron levels were probably stable enough at that point, so I stopped taking it. 

Some time went by. One day, I ended up with a migraine. I stopped a thought a while, as I pretty much always did anytime a migraine hit. “What did I do wrong? What did I eat? Where was the source of stress or lack of sleep?” 

Suddenly, it struck me. The raw liver!

For as long as I had been taking the raw liver, I didn’t get any migraines. Not one. 

I decided to try taking the raw liver every day again, just to see what would happen. I wasn’t overly optimistic. Everything else I had tried in the past helped some, but wasn’t perfect. 

But migraines are so miserable, I decided to give it a try anyway. 

Natural migraine prevention that really works

I religiously stuck to my daily dose of raw liver. The months went by. Not a single migraine headache happened!

Now, I should also throw in another factor. My second child was a baby at this time, and he was not the best sleeper. He slept lightly and woke easily. In short, I was continually sleep deprived. 

Remember one of my migraine triggers? Lack of sleep. In the past, being sleep deprived so consistently was the perfect recipe for some really nasty migraines. 

Still, not a single migraine came!

This was huge.

I continued to take the raw liver, and for once in many years, I was migraine free. That continues to this day.

I had finally discovered a natural migraine prevention that really works.

Does b12 help with migraines?

Like I mentioned above, I do have a few ideas from my general health and nutrition knowledge that I’ve pieced together on some possible reasons why raw liver works so well at preventing migraine headaches. 

I suspect that I have the MTHFR gene mutation (source). (In another blog post I’ll go into what this is and why it matters.)

I’ve never had testing done to confirm it, but because of various things about myself, I do suspect that I have this gene mutation. People with the MTHFR gene mutation have trouble with synthetic forms of B vitamins. This would explain why taking vitamin B supplements didn’t help prevent my migraines at all. 

Since liver is a very rich and available source of real B vitamins and other nutrients, that could very well explain why taking raw liver every day keeps my migraines away. 

The B vitamins and other nutrients in raw liver must be a type that my body can actually assimilate easily and use. 

I’m really curious to dive into this deeper, and further explain all of they “whys” behind it!

How to take raw liver for natural migraine prevention

It’s important to source the highest quality, organically raised, grass fed liver for making raw liver pills. 

I followed these recommendations from the Weston A. Price Foundation when I was learning how to take raw liver safely. Here’s how you do it:

  • Cut fresh liver into pill sized pieces
  • Freeze the pieces for 14 days (this kills any pathogens)
  • Swallow frozen liver chunks like vitamin pills

I’ve also tried making raw liver smoothies. You blend frozen liver with frozen strawberries and a little bit of water or milk. If you keep everything cold, you really can’t taste the liver. 

For speed and convince, my favorite method is to swallow the liver like pills. My goal is to take about 3 tbsp of raw liver every day. 

I take raw liver pills each evening when I drink my magnesium supplement. My favorite magnesium supplement for internal use is the Natural Calm magnesium powder. I mix that into water and drink it. Since it adds some fizz and flavor, it makes the perfect thing to use when I swallow the raw liver pills.

Natural migraine prevention raw liver

More Natural Remedies

Elderberry syrup

Tallow balm

Magnesium lotion

How the GAPS diet changed our lives

Black drawing salve

Have you tried anything for natural migraine prevention?

What have you tried? Would you try taking raw liver pills? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Natural Migraine Prevention”

  1. Thank you for sharing such useful information. I have suffered migraines since my teens and then rarely after menopause. I am 70 and they’ve resumed, mostly the optical kind. Since aging slows the production of stomach acid, B12 production is slowed. None of my labwork indicates low iron or B12, but I’m not so trusting of labs anymore. This article made me rethink my health routines and doing more research….and I was today years old when I found out about grinding liver and mixing it with hamburger! You’re awesome!

  2. Wow!! I’m so glad I came across your site and this article! ? I have been suffering from debilitating migraines for years! I’m actually heading to Mayo Clinic in two weeks for help…
    But I am going yo give this a try!!!

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I don’t have access to grassfed beef liver, but how about gf sheepliver, would that do?

    • I haven’t used it, but since grass fed lamb has similar nutrients to grass fed beef, I am thinking it would work the same! I would be sure to deep freeze it for at least 14 days.

  4. Thank you, Marisa, so much for this post. Keeping fingers crossed that this would work. I get 2-3 migraines a month since puberty and they slowly started even in childhood, but were not as awful then. How many pill size pieces you would say makes you daily dose?

    • I’m so sorry, that is so hard! I hope this helps. I take different amounts depending on how much liver I have on hand, but usually they total about the size of my palm. Sending well wishes!

  5. Hi Marisa,
    I’m really keen to try this out, having suffered with debilitating blinding migraines with aura and nausea for 23years I finally quit my day job to work from home. I went from 3/4 migraines a month to 1/2 a month. I really want to become migraine free. Gluten is a big trigger for me, as well as sugar. I would like to aslo try that GAPS diet you mentioned as I also have ADD. Thanks for the great content!

    Nicolas Fourie, 35
    South Africa.

    • Thank you for sharing, and the kind words! I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. It sounds like you’re on the right track. Sending well wishes your way!

    • Yes I do! I WISH I enjoyed it, but I don’t 🙁 So I grind it up and mix it into ground beef – nobody can even tell it’s there! 🙂

  6. Very interesting! My husband suffered from migraines for years (since puberty) and 2 of my children also began getting migraines around this time. I was starting to implement Wapf principles into our diet and added liver into meals regularly. A while later I realised no one had had any bad migraines, just a few mild ones. Then they just disappeared. The liver was the factor I put this down to. My daughter has long left home and had a few migraines recently. Sadly, in NZ, the land of grass-fed beef, it is very hard to find liver supplements but I regularly hear NZ grass fed beef organs advertised on the Wapf podcasts. Frustrating!

    • Wow, that is amazing about the migraines going away after adding liver! I’m glad it has helped you. And that’s sad that liver supplements are hard to find there 🙁


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