Essential Oil Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mothers do so much for us. Every year we want the perfect way to show appreciation for our Moms. For moms who are into natural living, here are some ideas for essential oil Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll love. 

Essential oil recipes for mothers day

Let mom know how much you care with a thoughtful gift

When I become a mom myself, the appreciation I already had for my mom grew immensely. What other moms can relate? 

My mom loves healthy living and natural products. She played a big part in me getting into those things!

When I was thinking of what to give her this year, I knew I wanted to keep things both natural and beautiful. Essential oils do just that! They have wonderful benefits (source), and they smell so lovely. These are some essential oil Mother’s Day gifts that I’ve been planning.

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Perfect gifts for every mom

Even if your mom isn’t already into natural living and essential oils, this could be the perfect way to introduce her to them. How can you go wrong with something that smells great, and is good for you?

Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are essential oils, accessories, and DIY products made with essential oils. Let’s take a look this essential oil and DIY Mother’s Day gift guide for gifts you can make or buy. 

Essential oil gifts for mothers

Essential oil gifts

Here are some essential oil Mother’s Day gifts you can buy:

  • Essential oils themselves make great gifts. You could choose a few that you know she’d like, or get a set. Plant Therapy has limited edition seasonal oil blends that are always phenomenal. The people who design the blends do a phenomenal job! Seriously, I always feel like they are perfume quality scents. This year, I’m loving their spring scents, and I’m making my mom some gifts using those blends (hopefully she doesn’t read this before I give them to her 🙂 ). Here are the spring blends from Plant Therapy.
  • Carrying case or storage boxes are a wonderful gift for the mom who already uses and loves essential oils, but needs a good place to store them. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from cloth carrying cases and beautiful wooden storage boxes. These are the ones I have
  • Diffusers are another great gift idea. If she already has a big one, she might appreciate a smaller one for in her car or near her computer. I have this one
  • Jewelry is an amazing gift for moms. There are some really pretty essential oil diffuser necklaces and bracelets. That way, she can wear her favorite scents and enjoy them around her wherever she goes. I gave my mom this one, and she loves it. 

You could gift a single one of these gifts, or combine several in a gift basket. 

Natural gift ideas

Natural essential oils recipes

These are some of my favorite DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for gifts you can make for your mom:

  • Body spray with essential oil can be customized exactly the way she likes it. For these, I love the limited edition seasonal blends, like their spring scents. To make a body spray, put 12 – 24 drops of essential oils into 1 oz. spray bottle, and fill the bottle the rest of the way with vodka. Add the lid, shake, and it’s ready to go. 
  • Roller bottle perfume is another wonderful idea. It’s a great way for her to have a natural option instead of chemical filled perfumes. To make an essential oil roller bottle perfume, put 6-12 drops of essential oils into an empty roller bottle. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Add the top and lid, shake, and it’s done. 
  • Lotion can be made at home with the most pure ingredients, and customized with essential oils. I have a recipe on how to make lotion with shea butter here. It makes a light, non greasy lotion, and is lots of fun to create. Grab a set of printable labels for your DIY lotion and other skincare products here
  • Lip balm is another fun DIY gift idea. Again, you can customize it with different essential oils. I have a recipe for tallow lip balm with honey here, and a tinted lip balm recipe here

Package it up

Again, you could make one of these products, or make a matching set of different products all made with the same essential oils scent. Add some labels, put them in a pretty basket, and you have a gorgeous gift she will love. 

Learn how to design your own product labels here, or grab a set of printable labels for your DIY lip balm and other skincare products here

Essential oil gift ideas

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