Essential Oils for Skin Rash

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Skin rashes are no fun. Eczema is itchy, and diaper rashes hurt. Thankfully, there are some natural ways to get relief quickly. These are my favorite essential oils for skin rash. 

Essential oils for skin rash

Essential oils for skin rash

Skin can develop rashes for lots of different reasons. The skin is a good indication of what is going on inside the body, especially in the gut.

We definitely want to get to the root cause and address the real problem. But in the meantime, we need relief! Essential oils can be really helpful for soothing skin rashes.

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Essential oils for skin with eczema

Eczema is a perfect example of a skin condition that shows up when gut health isn’t good. I talk a lot on my blog about healing the gut. Restoring digestive health is really the only way to heal eczema for good, from the inside out. 

The thing is, healing takes a while. And sometimes, during the healing process, things like skin rashes get worse before they get better. For those times we need a good natural remedy that will soothe skin quickly. 

Some of my favorite essential oils for eczema are:

  • Lavender – is antiseptic, which is helpful in preventing infections, and also reduces inflammation. Lavender is also very calming and smells wonderful. 
  • Chamomile is a very relaxing and soothing oil. It lowers histamine levels, which is wonderful for calming skin. Chamomile is also hydrating and anti inflammatory. 
  • Copaiba is warming and soothing. It is also very relaxing. 
  • Frankincense reduces swelling and helps to heal sores. It also rejuvenates the look of skin. 
  • Helichrysum renews skin and reduces is scares, and it helps to heal blemishes. 
  • Palmarosa is helpful for balancing skin. 

You can get these essential oils already combined in an essential oil blend called Silky Soft from Plant Therapy. Having them premixed makes them really easy to use. Another blend that I really like for skin is Plant Therapy’s Skin Soother blend

Essential oils for skin rash

Essential oils for diaper rash

Diaper rash is something that can come up for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they just happen in spite of our best efforts to keep up with diaper changes. Some babies have more sensitive skin than others.

Sometimes diaper rash happens when baby’s digestive system is having trouble with a certain food. This can happen from foods mom eats while nursing, or it can happen when baby starts eating solid foods. 

Essential oils are really helpful in calming and soothing diaper rash, too. The same oils that are helpful for eczema are also good for diaper rash. And, those oils are safe for use on babies and toddlers when they’re properly diluted. 

Essential oils for skin rash recipes

My favorite way to use essential oils for soothing skin rashes is to combine them with grass fed tallow in a nourishing balm. I have another blog post where I talk about why skin loves grass fed tallow, and you can check that out here

Basically, grass fed tallow is incredible for skin. It contains so many beneficial nutrients, and it moisturizes and soothes skin like nothing else. When you combine these skin healing essential oils with grass fed tallow, you can the most incredible skin balm ever. 

I like to make tallow balm, which I show how to make here, and add the Silky Soft essential oil blend at a 1% dilution. That is my go to remedy for eczema, diaper rash, and anytime I need to soothe a skin rash. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is for skin!

If you want another fun way to use essential oils, you can check out my recipe for how to make bath bombs with essential oils here

For my favorite non toxic cleaning products, check out this post here. I also like to use essential oils when I make DIY hand sanitizer

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Essential oils for skin eczema

More natural remedies

Tallow balm

Diaper rash cream

Herb infused healing salve

Magnesium lotion

Vapor rub

Black drawing salve

How have essential oils helped you?

What kinds of things have you used them for? Share your experience in the comments!

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