Homemade Eczema Cream

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Because it is so irritating, eczema is miserable to deal with! Soothe it with this homemade eczema cream.

Homemade eczema cream

Homemade eczema cream

Sadly, eczema is very common these days. Babies and children seem to suffer from it more than ever, as well as people of all ages. Eczema can be awful. It’s itchy, inflamed, and red. Everyone who suffers from eczema wants fast relief.

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Homemade eczema cream with essential oils and grass fed tallow gives amazing, fast relief. #eczema #homemade #relief

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What is eczema? What causes it?

Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to share an amazing homemade eczema cream that gives incredible fast relief. But I thought it was also worth mentioning that I recommend getting to the root cause of why eczema is happening in the first place.

Eczema is an autoimmune response. When it shows up, it means something is out of balance in the body. The cause could be many different things. But, the good news is, eczema responds very well to healing diets designed to repair gut health and gently detox. The healing diet I always recommend is the GAPS diet. The GAPS diet totally changed my life, and you can read all about that here.

There are also some healing diets that are a bit less intensive than the GAPS diet, and they can help permanently clear up eczema as well. My main point in mentioning diet is that I really think it’s best to look beyond treating just symptoms, and heal the main cause of eczema.

DIY eczema cream

Addressing the root cause is super important. Otherwise eczema will keep on showing up. But before eczema is gone for good, we need to get some fast relief.

If you’ve been on my blog before at all, you’ll know how much I love organic, 100% grass fed tallow. When it is made into tallow balm, it is simply one of the most incredible things on the planet for skin. I talk all about why skin loves grass fed tallow in this post, which you can read here.

As it turns out, tallow balm is amazing for soothing and relieving eczema. The abundant skin friendly nutrients that are in grass fed tallow sooth skin like nothing else.

I have a shop where I offer my handmade skincare products, including organic, 100% grass fed tallow balm. So many of my shop customers have told me how tallow balm helps their eczema. Often these people have tried everything else and tallow balm is the only thing that really helps. I thought that was pretty amazing!

Homemade eczema cream essential oils

How to make homemade eczema cream

You can buy tallow balm already made, and as I mentioned before, I offer it in my shop. If you’d rather, you can definitely make it yourself. You can buy rendered tallow, or I have a post where I show how to render tallow in a crockpot, which you can read here. Also, I have a post where I show how to make tallow balm, which you can check out here. It’s pretty easy, and definitely doable for the DIY enthusiast.


  • 100% grass-fed tallow balm
  • 24 drops of essential oils 
  • 4 oz glass jar


  1.  Add tallow balm and essential oils into a bowl
  2. Using a hand mixer, blend until a nice, whipped cream consistency
  3. Place in jar and apply when necessary

The best essential oils for eczema

A plain, unscented tallow balm works great for soothing eczema on its own. But I’ve found that certain essential oils can be really helpful for eczema. Adding them to the tallow balm helps enhance the eczema soothing properties of the balm.

My favorite essential oils for soothing eczema are all contained in a blend by Plant Therapy called Silky Soft. Some other good choices would be lavender, chamomile, helichrysum, rose, and myrrh. The dilution that I find best for adding to a tallow balm is 1%.

How to apply eczema cream

Whenever your eczema is beginning to form, apply a light layer onto the skin to help prevent symptoms.

Before applying the cream to the entire area, make sure you try out a small area first. This will help you see how your skin is reacting to the eczema cream.

Whipped or solid cream?

Tallow balm comes in two forms, either a solid balm or a whipped form. For eczema relief, either will work well, but my favorite form is the whipped. It’s light and fluffy like whipped cream, and super easy to apply.

How long does eczema cream last?

When you store this homemade eczema cream, make sure it is in a cool, dark space like a closet in an airtight glass container. 

When you do this, the eczema cream should last for up to 6 months.

Homemade eczema cream tallow

Homemade Eczema Cream Video

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Have you ever had eczema?

Do you know anyone who suffers from it? What kinds of things have you found that have helped? Share in the comments!

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