How to Print Homemade Food Labels

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If you’re into making recipes from scratch, you’ll want to know my tips on how to print homemade food labels.

How to print homemade food labels
Are you into DIY projects like I am? If you know me, you know I love making things from scratch. Sometimes, I gift or sell my homemade items. Check out my post on How to Ship Skincare Products From Home to learn more about elevating your DIY small business. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to know how to print homemade food labels.
Whenever I need to label something, whether it’s food or a DIY Lotion Recipe, I always use Munbyn. Choosing the right Munbyn materials for your labels will help you create custom prints in seconds without worrying about them fading off. For anyone who makes and sells (or gifts) homemade food items, labels inform others about the ingredients, potential allergens, and storage instructions. It also adds a professional touch to the presentation of your product. 
Handmade label printing at home

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How to print homemade food labels

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Designing your food labels and helpful tips 

Do you have an in-home bakery or enjoy gifting homemade items to your friends and family? Whether you’re a small business owner or making food is a hobby, labels for homemade food are a great way to add a personal touch and ensure your products are easily identifiable. You can also design your food Munbyn labels to convey critical information like ingredients, nutritional information, and storage instructions.

The Munbyn Real Writer 401 AirPrint wireless label printer is ideal for creating personalized/custom label prints. Its 300 dpi resolution ensures clear and crisp sticker labels, perfect for crafting personalized labels for gifts and packages. The AirPrint label printer enables WiFi printing, making it convenient for scenarios where you need to print from a distance (like if your printer is in the basement while you’re in the living room). Plus, with AirPrint driverless printing, you no longer need to download the driver for a computer. The discount code “BLOG12OFF” offers a 12% discount on orders, with no minimum purchase required. The code is only valid for US orders.

Best home label printer

Selecting waterproof Munbyn labels for durability

Munbyn labels are oil-proof and water-proof, which makes them perfect for food labels! You can create personalized sticker labels in minutes. The waterproof Munbyn labels won’t rub off during transit, and the printer requires no ink or toner, saving costs in the long run.

I love using 4×6 shipping labels and personalized sticker labels for homemade food. Personalized sticker labels make your homemade food feel unique and customized. You can use stickers to distinguish between different flavors or varieties of your homemade products, like jams, cookies, spices, or sauces. Each product or variant can have its own color code, icon, or design.

Using larger labels to identify or describe something, like ingredients, allergy information, or expiration dates. Larger label stickers leave space for branding elements like logos, product names, and designs. Designing labels on the Munbyn Print App is super simple. Use the Free Printer App to create labels that meet your needs. If I get stuck, the printer incorporates voice command functionality, simplifying troubleshooting processes.

Labels for homemade food

Here’s how to design and print labels using the app. 

  • Select a template that fits your product size and type. 
  • Use free tools to directly add text, logos, images, and barcodes within the app. 
  • Before printing, the app provides a real-time preview of your label to ensure the elements are correctly placed and appear as expected.
  • I love designing and printing labels directly from my smartphone, but you can also use a computer. Munbyn is one of the leading label printers for Mac. 

I’ve found that 4×6 shipping labels are the perfect size for shipping homemade food items. Print shipping labels with all the crucial information needed for your package to reach its destination. Munbyn shipping labels have a scannable barcode with a tracking number for easy real-time delivery updates. Shipping labels are also better for food or perishables compared to mailing labels. Use the shipping label to mark any specific transit instructions. 

Wifi shipping label printer

One of my favorite things about printing food labels with the Munbyn printer is that I can connect my label printer via Wi-Fi. I don’t need extensive wiring or to take the time to pair my devices via Bluetooth. I can print labels from anywhere within my network range, like from my basement, bedroom, or kitchen while cooking dinner. Also, unlike USB connections that require a direct link to a computer, I can connect my Wi-Fi printer to multiple devices, including my phone, tablet, or computer. Wi-Fi printers eliminate the need for extensive wiring and can be more straightforward to set up compared to Bluetooth, which sometimes requires more steps in pairing devices.

Guide to printing food labels

Applying your Munbyn labels the best practices for durability

Are you ready to start labeling and gifting (or shipping) your homemade food items? Within a few minutes, you can create durable, effective, personalized sticker labels for homemade food.

What You’ll Need:

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer


Shipping labels  


Step 1. Design your labels using the Free Printer App

Step 2. Choose your label size. You can select different sizes, including 2″x2″, 2.25″x1.25″, 4″x6″, or 3″x3.” Next, add elements to the label design, such as text, barcodes, symbols, etc.

Choose label size
Edit text
Choose font and size

Step 3. Connect the app to the printer via wifi, then print your labels. The Munbyn printer is super fast. It prints one label per second.

Choose print options

Step 4. I prefer using self-adhesive thermal sticker labels because they’re ideal for printing addresses, barcodes, logos, and product info. These stickers are also more durable than other materials, and I know they won’t fade or rub off. 

Step 5. Apply your 4×6 labels to the boxes you use to ship your items. Be sure to place the label so the barcode is flat and scannable. Here is what it looks like to design a shipping label in the Munbyn Print app:

Design and print shipping labels at home

Munbyn cost-effective printing solutions for small batches

Do you focus on small batches? Whether you make homemade baked goods, snacks, beverages, or preserves, Munbyn can help you save on printing solutions. Here’s how. 

Why is Munbyn cheaper than other printing solutions? 

Munbyn printers use direct thermal printing, eliminating the need for ink or toner and significantly reducing small businesses’ ongoing printing costs. You can always control how many personalized sticker labels or thermal labels you print to avoid waste. 

Do I have to store food labels in a special place?

If you bulk print your labels, I suggest keeping them in a cool, dry place to prevent them from curling or getting damaged.

Can I still use Munbyn printers if my business grows?

As your small business grows, Munbyn can grow with you. You can integrate multiple printers into your production line and configure each for specific label sizes or types, streamlining the labeling process.

How to print food labels at home

Optimizing Munbyn label design for small containers

Designing labels for small containers is particularly challenging due to the limited space. Some homemade food items, especially chocolates, spreads, hard candy, and sauces, require smaller containers. Munbyn lets you optimize your label design to ensure even the smallest containers are functional and on-brand. Here are my best tips for optimizing your label designs! 

  • When you’re creating labels for small containers, always prioritize key information. Some critical information that you want to fit on the label includes the product name, your brand, logo, and the product flavor (if applicable). 
  • Design the label with minimal borders to use every millimeter of space for printing.
  • Avoid overcrowding the label and select a clear, readable font to ensure legibility even at small sizes. I like using the highest contrast settings to maximize the label’s impact and readability.
  • Use symbols or icons to convey information that might otherwise require text. For example, a gluten-free icon can replace text and save space. Use universally recognized icons for ingredients and allergens.

Before you sell or even gift your homemade food products, I suggest printing out a few samples to finalize your design. Add a label to the container you plan to use to check the readability. Adjust the font size, spacing, and design elements as needed. I’ll also ask for feedback from my friends and family members. I know my husband will give me honest feedback about the label’s readability and design appeal, so he’s my go-to!

The more you use the Munbyn Print App, the more comfortable you’ll leverage all its features. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, the process is easy enough for anyone to use. The 

Munbyn Print App lets you create custom templates tailored to your specific container sizes and shapes. I like using this feature to save time and ensure consistency across different products. 

Best printer for homemade labels

Other fun ways to use your Munbyn labels maker at home 

Tell me, what is your favorite way to use your Munbyn label maker at home?

Do you have an at-home small business? Are you interested in selling baked goods, spice blends, or other food items? If so, I want to hear all about it! Leave me a comment below and share your products with us!

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