DIY Skincare Gift Ideas: 8 Easy Recipes

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Handmade gifts are the best. You can personalize and customize them, and they’re something you can’t buy in any store. Here are my top DIY skincare gift ideas for that perfect, unique gift. Anybody who is into organic skincare will love these. 

DIY skincare gift ideas

DIY skincare gift ideas: 8 easy recipes

I’m going to share with you my top 8 favorite DIY skincare gift ideas. If you’re already into making some of your own homemade skincare, you’ll probably have most or all of the ingredients on hand already. These will give you some good ideas for handmade gifts as you plan your gift giving this holiday season.

Having high standards is a good thing. But, it can also make it hard to choose gifts for someone! When someone is super picky about what they will allow in and on their body, these organic skincare gift ideas are the answer.  

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This is an awesome list of DIY skincare gift ideas. I've made all of them, and they were really easy! The organic skincare lovers in my family are going to be so happy with these. #diy #gits #skincare

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Lotion with shea butter

The first item on my list is a beautiful, rich, homemade lotion. This one uses just a few simple ingredients, and is fast and easy to put together. Learn how to make lotion with shea butter here

You can really personalize it with different essential oil blends. Plant Therapy makes this so easy with their pre made essential oil blends. Shop their limited edition Holiday Blends here

If anyone on your gift list is into natural remedies, they might really appreciate some magnesium lotion. Get the best organic magnesium lotion recipe here

Tallow Balm 

100% grass fed tallow balm is the ultimate skincare gift. It is unique and amazing! 

Anybody who hasn’t used tallow balm before will love being introduced to it. Tallow balm fans will be so happy to replenish their supply. Get my tallow balm recipe here

Homemade Face Exfoliator

Let’s stick with the theme of tallow for a minute. Another truly unique and luxurious DIY skincare gift is whipped tallow sugar scrub. 

This is one of my favorite things! It combines exfoliating, moisturizing, and cleansing all into one step. And it’s just waiting to be personalized with one of those gorgeous holiday essential oil blends that I mentioned above

Learn how to make whipped tallow sugar scrub here

DIY Salt Scrub

Still in the same theme of tallow is another awesome DIY skincare gift idea. Whipped tallow salt scrub is a wonderful deep exfoliating skincare treatment. 

It would pair perfectly with the sugar scrub in a gift set or gift basket. Learn how to make whipped tallow salt scrub here

Gift ideas for skincare lovers

Honey Face Mask

Now let’s talk about face masks. These make perfect gifts for anyone who needs some extra self care in their lives. Doing a face mask instantly creates a mini spa experience at home. 

This honey face mask is quick and easy to make, and gives amazing skin benefits. Learn how to make it here

Clay Mask Recipes

You can make some gorgeous clay face masks that make wonderful gifts. Depending on the person’s skincare needs, you can make a more clarifying and detoxifying mask, or a soothing, hydrating one. 

I love French green clay for detoxifying and cleansing. In my recipe, I combine it with healing herbs and soothing aloe vera. 

A rose clay mask is one of my most favorite things ever. It is soothing and hydrating, and perfect for sensitive and mature skin. 

Get my French green clay mask recipe here, and my rose clay face mask recipe here

Gift ideas for skincare lovers

Once you’ve made one or a few handmade skincare items, it’s time to wrap them. Lately I have been loving using some cheesecloth, twine, and dried herbs along with a brown paper gift tag to wrap handmade gifts. 

Another great idea for handmade gifts are some bath bombs with essential oils. If you’re looking for some natural gift ideas for Mother’s Day, I share some more essential oil gift ideas here

Check out my entire homemade anti aging skincare routine here

I think it gives them a pretty, rustic look. If you have other ideas on how you like to wrap your gifts, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Organic skincare gift ideas

DIY skincare gift ideas video

DIY skincare gift recipes

Lotion with shea butter

Magnesium lotion

Tallow balm

Sugar scrub

Salt scrub

Honey mask

French green clay mask

Rose clay mask

Are you planning to make any of these natural skincare gift ideas? 

Which ones are you going to give? Let me know in the comments! 

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Glass jars



Gift tags

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  1. Hello,
    When you suggest in your Mag. lotion recipe to use Mag. Brine, are you speaking about just the flakes, or the Mag. Oil you make yourself?
    Thank you.
    Anxious to make the lotion.

    • Great question! I get the Ancient Minerals brine when I make my magnesium lotion, since it is more pure than making it from flakes. There is a link to the brine I use under the “shop this post” section in the blog post. If you want to make your own brine from flakes, you dissolve the flakes in an equal part of water. I’ll be doing a blog post and video on this soon ?

  2. What a great list! I think I might have to gift myself with a clay mask and some of those gorgeous jars. Of course, I can also think of a couple of ladies on my gift list who would love to get one of these items!

  3. Hi, thank you for the great recipes!i have a question. Is Tallow the same as collagen powder? I live in Germany and when I searched via your link in Amazon that’s what came up?
    Many thanks

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the question ? Tallow is different from collagen. Tallow is rendered beef fat. I’m not sure why the collagen came up, but thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into it and see if I need to fix the link.


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