Oil Cleansing with Tallow

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I have been using the oil cleansing method for years, and I love it! In recently years I’ve started doing oil cleansing with one of my favorite ingredients:  tallow. It is really amazing for gently cleansing and moisturizing skin, all in one step. If you’re dealing with acne, or want amazing anti aging benefits, you’ll definitely want to learn how to do oil cleansing with tallow.

Oil cleansing with tallow

Oil cleansing method

My skincare routine was revolutionized when I stumbled upon oil cleansing with tallow. Back when I suffered from horrible, cystic acne, I tended to try everything in the hopes that it would clear my skin. Eventually, I discovered what I needed to do to heal my skin from the inside out. I talk all about that in this post where I share how to clear acne naturally.

But while I was still struggling with painful, deep pimples, I discovered the oil cleansing method.

What? Cleanse with oil? Isn’t oil the problem?

That’s what I thought at first, too. But, if you think about it, oil cleansing really does make sense. Like dissolves like. If you use a skin friendly oil or balm, you can gently cleanse your face, and even help acne and blemishes heal faster.

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I was so amazed by the results when I tried oil cleansing with tallow. My skin is so soft and nourished! It looks like 10 years has been taken from my face. #oilcleansing #balm #oilcleansingmethod #oilcleansingbalm #tallow

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Oil cleansing review

Back then, as I struggled with my skin, I was desperate and ready to try anything. I gave oil cleansing a try. 

I was amazed with the results! My skin was perfectly moisturized, and it really did help blemishes heal and clear faster. 

You see, oil isn’t really the problem. If you’re cleansing too much, you’re stripping your skin of oils, which makes it want to produce too much oil. The oil cleansing method is a great way to bring balance to your skin.

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How to do oil cleansing with tallow

How do you do an oil cleanse? If you’re new to the oil cleansing method, here’s how you do it:

  1. Take a small amount of oil (in this case, tallow balm) and massage it into your face. Take your time with this and enjoy it! Think of it as a mini, stress relieving facial massage at the end of the day.
  2. Get a small towel or wash cloth wet with very warm water (but not so hot it will burn you).
  3. Drape the wet cloth over your face (make sure you can breathe!) and let it sit for about 1 minute.
  4. Gently wipe down your face with the cloth.
  5. Rinse with cool water.
  6. Pat dry with a clean towel. 

Oil cleansing

Oil cleansing balm

After healing my gut with the GAPS diet, I no longer struggle with acne. But I love the benefits that the oil cleansing method gives, so I continue to use it. 

In recently years I’ve discovered something that really takes the oil cleansing method to a whole new level: Oil cleansing with tallow. 

I’ve you’ve been on my blog much, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of grass fed tallow. Beef tallow benefits are amazing! I make lots of different things with tallow, like soap, salves, balm, and the most delicious French fries you’ve ever eaten. 

Grass fed tallow has so many skin benefits, and I talk in this post about the reasons why skin loves grass fed tallow here, and all about beef tallow benefits here. Basically, it is so rich in every nutrient that our skin needs to repair and nourish itself (source).

Read more in this post where I share the complete guide to tallow skin care. I also have a luxurious and super hydrating DIY shaving cream with tallow in it

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Oil cleansing recipe

There are different oils combinations you can use for the oil cleansing method, and recipes for making cleansing oils. I make and use tallow balm for many other things, so I just use my normal tallow balm recipe. This makes the perfect oil cleansing DIY recipe.

I share my tallow balm recipe here. When I do oil cleansing with tallow, I like to add skin friendly essential oils. Some of my favorites are lavender, Zit Fighter Synergy for clearing acne and blemishes, and Soft Skin Synergy for anti aging benefits.

Tallow balm is mostly tallow with just a little bit of liquid essential oil in order to make it easily spreadable. I normally use olive oil for the liquid oil. If you make some tallow balm specifically for oil cleansing, you might try jojoba oil or castor oil, as those have wonderful, specific benefits for oil cleansing. 

Oil cleansing balm

Oil cleansing method benefits

Keeping your skin properly moisturized is an important part of an anti aging skincare routine. I love how the oil cleansing method combines cleansing and moisturizing in one step. 

Oil cleansing with tallow is perfect for any skin type. Oil cleansing is great for dry skin, and it is perfect for oily skin. When your skin isn’t stripped of its own natural oils, your oil production is balanced. 

I really like oil cleansing for my face, because I do tend to have oily skin. Using something like tallow balm as a moisturizer is often too much. But, after doing oil cleansing with tallow, the perfect amount of moisturizer is left behind. 

Oil cleansing method for acne

If you struggle with acne, oil cleansing with tallow will be really helpful. Oil cleansing for cystic acne is powerful in helping to heal and clear blemishes.

The heat of the warm, wet cloth helps to draw cysts and bring them to a head, completing the cycle and healing acne faster. Oil cleansing with tallow also helps to nourish skin, and the many properties in grass fed tallow help to heal and clear skin.

Oil cleansing how often

Can you use oil cleansing every day? You can do the oil cleansing method daily, or several times a week.

When I was dealing with cystic acne, I did it daily. Now I do it a few times a week. The rest of the time I wash with my honey face wash or plain water. 

I recommend experimenting and see what your skin likes! For most people, doing it more often is better than less often. 

Does oil cleansing remove blackheads?

Oil cleansing really does help purify pores and reduce blackheads. My skin tends to  get blackheads easily, and the oil cleansing method has been great at keeping my pores clear. 

While the warm, wet cloth is on your face, your pores open up. As you wipe the cloth away, dirt and oil are removed, helping to cleanse skin and keep pores from getting blackheads. 

It’s a good idea to use a clean cloth every time you do oil cleansing. That way, you won’t be reintroducing dirt and impurities to your skin. 

Oil cleansing method

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Have you tried the oil cleansing method yet?

What oils or balms did you use? Share your experience in the comments!

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